Ultx Ultimate Tea Coffee Whitener

Ultx Ultimate Tea Coffee Whitener

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Our Tea/Coffee Whitener is the ultimate solution for enjoying Slurplicious Vegan Tea/Coffee wherever you go, even if you're alctose intolerant! Yeah you read that right!

  • Functional benefit (s)

    Dairy Free - Our Vegan Whitener is, as the name suggests, completely dairy free. This means that you can enjoy your delicious tea and coffees without any of the harmful drawbacks associted with dairy consumption.

    Lactose Free - Since its dairy free, our whitener also doesnt contain any lactose, which means that lactose intolerant customers can now also enjoy tea and coffee exactly how they like them without the anxiety of feeling any discomfort later on.

    OTG Tea/Coffee - The small and easy to carry pouches allow you to enjoy your tea and coffees wherever you go, without compromising on taste or on your health.

  • Preparation Method

    For Tea for 1:

    1. Take a tea pan and about 125 ml of water.

    2. Put it for boiling along with desired strength of black tea powder.

    3. Add Cardamom/ Masala / Crushed Ginger

    4. Add sugar as per your taste.

    5. Once starts brewing, add 1 table spoon of Ultimate Whitener.

    6. Stir well in the pan itself. And let it boil for next 30-40 seconds more.

    7. Turn the Stove/ Induction off and your Ultimate Tea is ready to enjoy.

    8. Never over brew or over boil with whitener. This can make the tea experience UnUltimate aka Bitter.

    For 2 persons, do everything twice at once to save the energy. ;)


    For Coffee for 1:

    1. Take a coffee pan and about 150 ml of water and sugar/jaggery how much you like.

    2. Boil it

    3. Take about 50 ml water in your coffee mug.

    4. Add coffee powder as you like the strength and 1.5 table spoon of Ultimate Whitener. Stirr well just for 30 seconds and it will be a smooth slurrp.

    5. Add hot sweet water to this from a height to froth.

    6. It's ready to indulge

    • Makes delicious tea/coffee
    • Lets you enjoy your favourite beverages on the go
    • Healthier than dairy based alternatives due to absence of antibiotics, residual hormones and IGF1
    • Lactose free - Cause we can’t see lactose intolerance can’t come between you and a delicious cup of tea/coffee
    • Easy to follow process
    • Has a long shelf life of 12 months
  • Ingredients

    Soy protein isolate, Plam Fat, Corn Syrup, Sucrose, Maltodextrin, Minerals, Vitamins

  • Shelf Life

    1 Year from MFD

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