Ultx Ultimate Nutrition For Kids Age Group: 7 to 9

Ultx Ultimate Nutrition For Kids Age Group: 7 to 9

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The ultimate and most wholesome nutrition for your kids, so that they get to rise to their highest potential.

  • Functional benefit (s)

    Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D - Our drink is made with a high calcium concentration to ensure that your kids’ bones get strong enough to deal with all the hardships that life throws at them. The high vitamin D levels help with absorption of calcium and in building your child’s immunity.

    High in protein content - Contrary to popular belief, protein is not just important for adults. The high protein concentration in our drink ensures that your kids grow stronger and stay completely healthy and fit. Therefore, our formula has more than twice the protein content found in the most popular chocolate flavoured drink powder so that your kids get

    Packed with Vitamin B12 - Ensures that your kids have proper and complete development and functioning of their brain

    Less than half the sugar - Our formula was made with your kids’ health as a top priority. Therefore, it has less than half the sugar found in the most popular chocolate flavoured drink powders in the country so that your children can enjoy the benefits of wholesome nutrition today, without the risk of developing insulin resistance or an addiction to sugar in the future.

    Filled with all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals - For the most wholesome nutrition possible, our drink comes with all essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients so that your child can get a complete dose of nutrition with every sip and not miss out on even a single important nutrient.

    Absence of Dairy - Dairy consumptin has been linked to everything, right from cancer to cardiovascular diseases. Our formula has absolutely no dairy so that your kids can get their nutrition without any drawbacks.

    •  Nutritional Beverage for children aged 4-6
    • Is non GMO, Dairy and Lactose free
    • Is packed with protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12
    • Has complete nutritional values as per RDA guidelines
    • Packed with 40 nutrients for complete and wholesome growth
  • Preparation Method

    1. Add 1 spoon (approx 25g) of ULT Nutrition Powder

    2. Put it in 1 glass of water.

    3. Stir well and enjoy

  • Ingredients

    Soy protein isolates, High oleic sunflower fat, sucrose, cocoa, inulin, fos, maltodextrin, minerals, amino acid & choline, vitamins.

  • Shelf Life

    1 Year from MFD

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