Ultx Cheddar Cheese, 175gm

Ultx Cheddar Cheese, 175gm

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100% Plant-Based Cheese - Enjoying Vegan Cheese is now a reality, thanks to our Vegan Cheddar Cheese Delicious Taste - Our Cheese tastes delicious with all your favorite foods, giving them that extra creamy and flavourful kick. Made with Natural Ingredients - Our cheese is made with completely natural ingredients so that you get a great taste without any compromises on quality and health! No Cholesterol - Now there's no need to get stressed about cholesterol when you enjoy your favorite, cheesy foods! Can be used as you like - Whether you want grated cheese in your pasta, melted cheese on your pizza, sliced cheese in your sandwiche or shredded cheese on your salad, our cheese has you covered!

  • Tastes Yummy
  • Has NO Cholesterol
  • Spread, Shred, Slice, or Grate!
  • Free of additives, harmful chemicals, or hormones!
  • Made with Natural Ingredients
  • 1 Block to do it all
  • Functional benefit (s)

    Cheddar Cheese - Gone Vegan! - Yes that's true! You can now enjoy delicious vegan cheese in its all-new Vegan Avatar! All of the Cheddar, none of the Dairy!

    100% Natural Ingredients - We believe in quality over quantity. Hence, our cheese is made from a few, all-natural and high-quality ingredients. This ensures that you get the best of taste and health in every bite.

    Healthier than regular cheese - Our vegan cheese has no Cholesterol! This makes it much healthier than regular dairy cheeses, so you can snack away without any anxiety!

    Has none of the bad stuff - Unlike regular dairy cheeses, our cheddar cheese has no hormones, no additives, and no harmful chemicals. Only the good and the tasty stuff for you!

    Use it in various ways - One quality that consumers adore is flexibility. Hence, we've made our cheese, such that you can grate it, melt it, shred it or even slice it, and use it as you wish to!

  • Preparation Method

    We've made making delicious food as easy as possible. So grate, slice, shred and spread away to your heart's content! Your Vegan Cheddar Cheese can take it all!

  • Ingredients

    Potato Starch, Turmeric, Rice Bran Oil, Iodized Salt, Natural Identical Flavour

  • Emotional end promise or benefit:

    Your favorite foods, not just tastier and creamier, but also healthier!

  • Shelf life:

    3 Months from the MFD

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