Ultx Vegan Curd Kit, Pack of 2

Ultx Vegan Curd Kit, Pack of 2

1. Everything you need to make curd, now in one box

2. 100% Plant-Based - Contains absolutely no Dairy ingredients

3. Nutrient-Rich - Healthier than dairy curd

4. Tasty - made with a formulation that gives taste similar to that of dairy curd

  • Functional benefit (s)

    Single Solution for DIY Curd - Now there's no need to buy any other product to make delicious Vegan Curd! Our Curd includes both Curd Culture and Curd Premix i.e. everything that you'll need to make homemade vegan curd!

    DIY - Making your own curd and knowing that it's been made with care, love, and the best vegan ingredients. What could be more satisfying?

    100% Plant-Based - Enjoy all the benefits and delicious flavor of curd, without any of the drawbacks of Dairy

    Lactose-Free - Lactose Intolerant people can now also enjoy the taste of curd without having to think about dealing with their lactose intolerance later

    Calcium-Rich - Our curd premix is packed with calcium, ensuring that you get the benefit of stronger bones without the drawbacks of galactose!

    Packed with Protein - The best combination of taste and nutrition, our curd premix is protein-dense, making it a much healthier alternative than dairy curd!

  • Preparation Method


    You have 2 items in this package:

    1) Curd Premix

    2) Curd Culture Each pair can make about 1 Kg of curd.

    Heat about 500ml of water (not boil)

    • Add a full pack of premix and a full pack of Curd Culture
    • Mix Well (Slow speed blender can be used)
    • Add another 400 ml water
    • Mix well again.

    Note: Foam can be removed from the top. Your part is done! Now cover this and keep it in a warm place. - Your curd will be ready in 4-8 hours depending on climatic conditions. :) - Use it to make Buttermilk, Kadhi, Raita, Lassi. - Share your story on Instagram to win a guaranteed voucher.

  • Ingredients

    Soya Milk Powder, Sugar, Curd Culture

  • Shelf Life

    6 months from the MFD